Obamarator- Changing the Way Women Can

Obamarator is that type of stimulus package that you may never have expected during the reign of Barack Obama, but now it’s here and there’s nothing else we can do but make a review about it.

The company hilariously named, Obamarator developed a vibrator in the form and shape of the United States President Barack Obama. We reckon the First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t find this one funny, but the entire nation certainly finds it cute and funny at the same time. The product wasn’t just meant for men and women seeking sexual stimulation with the use of sex toy, but it’s for everyone who wants to get a hold a unique memorabilia during the reign of Obama as president.

The Obamarator, in all honestly, was created to function as a gag gift. It is the perfect thing that you can stuff into a stocking when you simply can’t think of anything to give a friend or a loved one. Although it is true that the Obamarator can be used as a sexual stimulation gadget that was never the original intention behind its creation.

In addition, the Obamarator was not created as form of political statement either. It

Is nothing but a humorous product that can lighten up the mood and provide a good laugh or two not only for Republicans but among those belonging to the Democratic party as well.

The Obamarator was launched 6 years ago. It was first publicized online by Gawker and other online content publishers. At one time, Gawker even offered to give away an Obamarator to a reader who can come up with the most interesting dirty story featuring the Commander in Chielf.

The creators of the Obamarator also sells other products including packs of blue Obamaraor condoms.

Obamarator isn’t actually the first politically-themed sexual novelty out there. There is another action figure in the form of phallic Bill Clinton cork screw, a product which surprisingly had a customer based and had successfully earned 4.5 star rating on Amazon.