How to introduce sex toys to the bedroom?

Let’s face it, no matter how great and electrifying your sex life is, no matter how many orgasms you have every night, there are really times when sex becomes a routine. When you have been having sex with your partner for a long time, there are moments, no matter how fleeting, that you wanted something more. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! You have sexual needs, and you need to face those needs and find a solution so you can save your relationship. Introducing sex toys into your relationship is the answer to your innermost desires, but be careful on how you open the subject to your partner.

Don’t play the blame game

Remember that it’s not a blame game. Never make your partner feel that there is lacking in your sex life that’s why you want to use sex toys. Make your partner understand that you want sex toys because you believe that it will spice up your night and will add more life to your relationship. Explain that you want to explore the use of sex toys as a couple because you think it’s hot and it turns you on.

Start with the small sex toys

Do not overwhelm your partner by bringing extra-large vibrators in the bedroom. Start with small sex toys, particularly those that do not resemble the body parts. For example, you can buy a wearable G-spot stimulator, where the item can be worn by the girl and the remote control can be handled by the guy. Make it a point to buy sex toys for couples, so you both can enjoy the full use of the toys. By buying couple’s sex toys, you can eradicate the feeling of insecurity for your partner, and both of you can relish the new orgasm heights.